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Mortgage loan at Clarence Personal Loan


The Clarence Personal Loan offers quite an interesting mortgage loan offer called “My House”. Under this offer, you can incur a loan commitment of up to PLN 5,000,000 with a maximum loan term of 30 years. For this amount, the loan will generate costs in the amount of PLN 2,962,714. The borrower taking such a high loan will pay installments of PLN 22 118.65 to the bank every month.

The APRC for this commitment will be 3.59%

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Installments are quite high and not everyone is able to pay back such a large loan. Therefore, let’s check how the “My House” mortgage will look for a smaller amount. The borrower takes out a PLN 200,000 mortgage with a loan term of 30 years as well. Such a commitment will cost him PLN 118,510. This is also a large amount, because as you can see it accounts for more than half of the initial amount that he borrowed. Each of the 360 ​​monthly installments will be PLN 885. APRC in this case will not change and will continue to be 3.59%.

Each bank sets its own requirements to be eligible for a mortgage. In some banks, it is easier in others, but it is always necessary to manage some formalities in order to receive this loan. Clarence Personal Loan has determined that the minimum age that the borrower applying for an obligation must have is 21 years.

Parameters of mortgage loan  at Clarence Personal Loan

Parameters of mortgage loan  at Clarence Personal Loan

 It cannot, however, be more than 70 years old. Older people will not receive a mortgage at Clarence Personal Loan. The period over which we can spread the repayment of our loan is from 12 months to a maximum of 360 months. The minimum amount that this bank provides is PLN 10,000.

Maximum, as we have already mentioned, the bank can lend us PLN 5,000,000. The range of amounts is large enough for anyone to find the right amount of mortgage. The bank also checks the borrower in the so-called Array database. He checks whether he is dealing with a credible person who will be able to repay the high amount of the liability. Several documents are needed to apply for a mortgage.

At the very beginning you must complete the loan application correctly. We must have an ID document and photocopier with us. The bank also requires the borrower to provide documents confirming the source and amount of his income, as well as documents confirming marital property separation.



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