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Can pets be covered by vehicle insurance in case of an accident?

While vehicle insurance was created to protect both cars and those involved in vehicle accidents and prevent expenses that may occur, no one said that if pets are also involved, they cannot be covered.

The civil liability policy is the one in charge of covering the damages that were caused to those involved in accidents, both themselves and their property. Although the policy recognizes people as affected, pets are considered as ‘your property’, so this coverage must cover the expenses incurred.

But this is not the only case

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In addition to the liability coverage

In addition to the liability coverage

There are insurers that have some additional and special coverage, aimed entirely at animals. Many people think that this concept has no value because it cannot be withdrawn until it reaches a certain amount (when it exceeds four salaries), but in reality, it is a money that will be in a financial entity every day until that period is fulfilled , so choosing the institution in which they will be deposited correctly is a great decision. In addition, many institutions offer additional benefits that are worth consulting. However, in this new year there will be many people who start working for the first time in a formal and payroll manner, and will receive these benefits for the first time  If it is a point that interests you, you can compare the alternatives to find one that offers a similar product. While this disease does not distinguish between sex or age at the time of attack, it is no longer impossible to defend, because these products allow you to be prepared to do so.

Finally, if you do not have vehicle insurance, the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance could not cover your pet’s expenses, as this is exclusive to people and the only solution is for the owners to agree with the person responsible for the accident To take charge. However, these negotiations do not always work well.


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